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Save Our Magnificent Meadows

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Meadows are beautiful but over 98% have been lost since the second world war. Healthy meadows attract a huge range of wildlife and can be full of many different types of wild plants.

How healthy is your meadow?

To get started you will need an:

Hard copies of these resources can be requested here.

Meadows resources are now available in Welsh language and can be downloaded here:

Use the activity sheet to carry out some field based investigations to decide how healthy your nearest meadow is. The identification sheet will help you identify what's growing in your meadow. You can then upload your findings and any photos you've taken onto our map.

Other meadow resources:

From investigating the mini-beasts that call your meadow home to understanding the different meadow wild plant families, our resources aim to further understanding of this valuable habitat both inside and outside the classroom.

They can be used as stand alone resources or as a sequence that covers a theme of work. They are appropriate for 7-11 year olds and can easily be differentiated for younger and older pupils. They encourage enquiry and are multi-sensory.

Bee Scene Key

Save our Magnificent Meadows is the UK's largest partnership project transforming the fortunes of vanishing wildflower meadows, grasslands and wildlife. Led by Plantlife, the partnership is made up of 11 organisations and is primarily funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

To plant your virtual flower and upload photos to show everyone your meadow, please do the following...

  • Zoom in to the location that you visited
  • Click on the map, a pointer will appear on the map (the pin can be moved by dragging it, should you need to fine tune its location)
  • Click on the pin and a form will appear
  • Complete the form and click "Continue to upload photos"
  • Optionally select any photos you want to upload and then click "Continue" to share your experiences