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The Wild About Plants Team run a number of projects around England that support learning, understanding and enjoyment of wild plants.

We're in the Wild

Based in the north west this project aims to increase enjoyment and activity in local green spaces. The project is working with children, young people and families in both school and out of school settings. Young people have been involved in making a positive contribution to green spaces through practical conservation activities. In addition young people are helping to deliver events to increase public enjoyment of spaces. Schools have been able to access workshops that deliver learning in natural environments in local green spaces. Find out more here.

This project is funded by the Big Lottery through the Reaching Communities Programme.

Make the Small Things Count

Working across the Atlantic Woodlands in the south west this project seeks to increase understanding of the important lichens and mosses that are found in these woodlands and the threats they face. School workshops will increase use of learning in natural environments, families will be able to explore "life through a lens" and the project is delivering several lichen apprenticeship schemes. Find out more here.

This project is funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund, Your Heritage Grant Stream.

Monitoring the Brecks

The Brecks form a unique landscape in East England. The mixture of sandy and chalky conditions create a flora that is not found elsewhere and that is under threat for a number of reasons. Plantlife is working hard to reverse the fortunes for some of the flora found here through delivering practical conservation work. We are also working with people to help ensure that we understand the impact of this conservation work and are providing training and monitoring days. More on this work can be found here.

Save our Magnificent Meadows

Save our Magnificent Meadows is the UK's largest partnership project transforming the fortunes of vanishing wildflower meadows, grasslands and wildlife. Led by Plantlife, the partnership is made up of 11 organisations and is primarily funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Plantlife are producing educational meadows resources aimed at KS1 and KS2 pupils. You can find all of these here on the webpage. Why not request some hard copies of our flagship resources "How Healthy is your Meadow" and upload your results onto our virtual meadow - you can also see how others think their meadows are doing. If you are enthused to find out even more about our Magnificent Meadows, you can visit the project homepage and discover some of the events and activities coming up.