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Botanical Adventures

Did you know that many of the wild plants that grow in our towns, cities and countryside were once used for all kinds of things? If you would like to explore your local green space and unearth the secrets of the wild plants that live there then this is the page for you! You can go on a botanical adventure and find out:

  • How wild your local green space is
  • Whether you could you survive in an urban jungle
  • How plants used to be used to cure common ailments

Click on one of the links below and let the adventure begin.

Find out how wild your local green space is, and then tell us all about it...
  • Zoom in to the location that you visited
  • Click on the map, a pointer will appear on the map (the pin can be moved by dragging it, should you need to fine tune its location)
  • Click on the pin and a form will appear
  • Complete the form and click "Save & Close" to share your experiences
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