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Families outside

Are you a parent interested in discovering the natural world with your children? Use the resources below to explore the nature on your doorstep or join us at a family event.

  • Explore the seasons and the world around you by clicking on one of the picture buttons at the bottom of this page and going on an expedition. Designed for children under 5 but appropriate for older children too.
  • Go on a Botanical Adventure and explore how wild your wild space is and whether you can survive in an urban jungle. For children and young people 7-14
  • Unlock the outdoors with our Flower Keys and associated activities. Ideal for children between 3 and 7 these have been designed to unlock the natural world through environmental play.

How to use the flower keys?

  • Use the cards to play snap - how many of the cards can you spot in your local park or green space.
  • Go on a walk through your park or green space. Each time you discover a flower carry out the activity associated with that flower.

You may also be interested in our Engaging Nature workshops for family learning workers and children centre staff.

These half or full day workshops introduce participants to a a range of activities enabling the most to be made of outside spaces. For more information please contact Felicity.