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Bee Scene

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Do you want to Bee Scene? We need you to visit your local natural space which could be a park, footpath or even your school grounds, between April and August 2014 and let us know which of the fifteen Bee Scene wildflowers you can find.
The map shows the results of surveys that have taken place since April 1st 2014. Thank you to Godshill Primary School on the Isle of Wight - first survey of the year.

The Bee Scene recording card and Bee Scene identification guide can be downloaded.

Teachers of Foundation and Key Stage 1 pupils may find our Bee Scene botanical adventure easier to access.

Our education pack and alternative resources pack have additional ideas and activities to support the survey.

Please note we are no longer taking applications for resources for 2014.

Should you have any queries please contact Felicity.

Bee Scene Key
To plant your virtual flower, please do the following...

  • Zoom in to the location that you visited
  • Click on the map, a pointer will appear on the map (the pin can be moved by dragging it, should you need to fine tune its location)
  • Click on the pin and a form will appear
  • Complete the form and click "Save & Close" to share your experiences
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